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Logos Heading Disembrace Logo Sandhills Studios Logo Zepman's Music Logo The Gear Page Logo (Background designed by Brad Rockowicz)

CD Art Heading Monster Reborn CD Cover Monster Reborn Exterior Traycard Retrofitted CD Cover Retrofitted LP Logo

Rigs Heading Chad's Guitar Rig (VHT CLX, EBMM JP6, Schecter C-1...) Tom's Rig (Splawn Quick Rod, EBMM Axis...) Scott's Rig (Aiken Sabre, Mesa Mark IV, GMW...) The Bourne Rig (Mesa Mark IV, EBMM JP6, TC G-Major...)

Commercial Heading Voodoo Amps VC-2 Preamp Teaser Stem Cell Slide for Astronaut 3 Media Group Ford Fairlane XL 500 Car Show Poster Teaser. No, that's not a picture. The Stealth Boost Connection Diagram

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